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Gears Manufacturing Process

Gear is a transmission element used for the transmission of power from one point to another. Gears manufacturing involves various kinds of process. Here, we will understand about one of the most commonly used process by the Gears Manufacturers during making of Gears.

Hobbing:  It is a primary process for cutting gear’s teeth. In this process teeth are constantly moving work piece are formed by the equally spaced cutting edges of the cutting tool (HOB). The cutting tool that we use in this process is known as HOB thus the process is known as Hobbing. HOB is basically a cylindrical tool in which there are equally spaced cutting edges around its periphery.

Hobbing is a machining process for gear cutting, cutting splines, and cutting sprockets on a Gear hobbing machine, which is a special type of milling machine. The teeth or splines are progressively cut into the work piece by a series of cuts made by a cutting tool called a hob.

Steps Involved in Hobbing Process:

Firstly, the HOB and the work piece are adjusted such that the HOB cut the periphery of the work piece according to the requirement. Generally, the HOB is placed axially to the work piece so that the teeth being gradually formed as the tool traverses the work face.

Now, both the element i.e. HOB and work piece are rotated relatively to each other. The motion of the HOB and work piece should be in continuation and timed relationship. The speed of the HOB and Work Piece are so that when the HOB completes one revolution, the work piece should move as a distance of 1 pitch only. In the end, we will get the gear of desired teeth.

Below shared image clearly shows the relative motion of HOB and Work Piece.

gear manufacturing process

Gears Hobbing Process

Hobbing process is widely used due to its versatility of producing a variety of gears including Splines, Spur, Helical, Worm Wheels etc. The hobbing process gives a higher rate of productivity rate than any other process.  One of the most important concept about Hobbing process is that the Hobbing process is a generating process. Generating process means that the shape of the resultant gear teeth is not the conjugate form of the cutting tool rather it is generated by the combined and repeated motion of work piece and the HOB.

We at as a leading Gears Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Industrial Gear. We have an expert team of skilled engineering who use Hobbing process in order to manufacturer Spur, Helical Gears. We have expertise in the manufacturing of gears from 10 mm to 1000 mm. We manufacture all types of Industrial gears according to the standard size and according to the requirement by the customers.

We are OEM in Gears Manufacturer build standard and customized gears according to the machine’s requirement. Please send your inquiry with us at gaurav@ashokaengineering.com or send Query


Cement Plant Manufacturers

Ashoka Sugar Plants Manufacturers Suppliers

Turnkey Cement Plant Manufacturers

Cement Making is a integrated process that prepares the raw mix, feeds it to the pyro-processing system (kiln), and then grinds the clinker from the kiln system into various cement products. Now finished product is called cement which is stored in large silos on site or bagged for small quantity use. The cement is shipped by truck, rail or barge to customers, or to regional terminals for customer pick-up. Most cement plants have quarries located nearby to supply the limestone and other raw materials.

Cements are a substance that binds other material together. Cements are a binder that hardens and sets independently. Cements are strong building material that can face any natural and artificial environmental effects.

Ashoka Group is a largest manufacturers and exporters of the cement plants equipment, We build all type of machines and equipment used in Cement Plants like crushers, separators, vertical rollers, kiln and shells, bucket and chain belts etc. The objective of Cement Plants Equipments is to improve the product quality. The raw material used in cement plants are sand, clay, limestone, shale, and iron ore. Cement plants require areas where infrastructure rehabilitation is necessary.


Cement Plant Manufacturers & Equipment Suppliers


Cement manufacturing as a procedure and as a big production has undergone many phases of makeover in current times. Ashoka Cement Plant is one of the big name comes in cement plant manufacturers which holds in-depth province understanding of the cement industry and therefore, is operational to present personalized service which is directed to meet the cement plant manufacturing requirements of customers from cement plants.

Ashoka cement plant India manufacturers offer complete solutions to its customers. We are producers, providers and exporters of cement plants like Mini Cement Plant Manufacturer, Rotary kiln plants, clinker plants, Portland cement plants and VSK cement plants. The technology that we set up has its own intrinsic worth. The plant functions with lesser power and fuel consumption, which has made the cement manufacturing procedure very economical. As cement plant manufacturers, our designing and construction are planned and made to outfits the circumstances where the plant is to be installed.


Types of Cement Plants We Manufacture


Types Of Equipment We Are Manufacturing & Supplying 

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Sugar Plant Manufacturers

Ashoka Sugar Plants Manufacturers Suppliers

Sugar Plant Manufacturers

Before understanding the sugar plants, lets understand the Sugar first, Its produced from sweet sugarcane / sugar beet. The Extraction process from each of the raw materials differs substantially with different procedures, a most common process of transform to suit the quality of ingredients defecation is adopted. Sugar manufacturing required crystallization and centrifuging process which is practically the same for all raw materials.

As a Leading Sugar Plant Manufacturer we have dedicated team and department for Sugar plant. Our experienced chemical analysis team and high end machines cater all the process of sugar manufacturing and provide the best quality sugar for countries including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and South African and other south Asian Countries. We at Ashoka provides all small to large quantity mills and equipment required for many factories and undertake turnkey projects from small, Medium and large scale sugar mills.

We Offer

Capacities of Plant we are supplying below:

  • Open pan boiling plants – 100TCD to 500TCD plant
  • Vacuum and pressure boiling plants – 300TCD to 1500TCD
  • Sugar refinery plant – 10TPD to 500TPD
  • Turbine house – 300TCD to 1500TCD Sugar Plants
Sugar Plant Expansion and Updation
We are also undertake the expansion of existing running sugar plants in terms of capacity and modernization.
Modernization and upgradation includes:
Sugar Plant Manufacturers

  • Update / Maintain machinery and spare parts to world wide
  • Cane Unloading cranes
  • Cane Cutters
  • Bagasse Handling and Transfer
  • Juice and Molasses Storage Tanks
  • Sugarcane Milling Tandems
  • Sugar Centrifugal
  • Vacuum pans, Evaporators, Juice Heaters
  • Filter Presses
  • Carbonation and Sulphitation Equipment
  • Crystallizers, Sugar Dryers, Sugar Graders
  • Special purpose industrial boilers
  • Steam generating turbines
  • Water treatment plants

Cement Plants | Steel Re-Rolling Mills | Sponge Iron Plants

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Material Handling Equipment

Ashoka Sugar Plants Manufacturers Suppliers

Material Handling Equipments

We are the leading Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers expertise in Cement Plant Equipments, Sugar Plant Handling Equipment and other type of custom utilities.

Bucket Elevators are used to elevate loose bulk materials through the use of moving buckets attached to chain or belt, vertically through an enclosed casing. The complete unit consists of following items.

The complete unit consists of following items:

  1. Top Section : It consists of three parts. One is body with material outlet than a` channel frame. Third is cover. Channel section provides seating for drive pulley with pedestal, drive unit (motor, pulley, belt) and tie rod for proper tensioning of belt/chain.
  2. Mid Section : This is basically a hollow casing of standard height. It is used in number as required for a particular height.
  3. Boot Section : This section is consists of casing with material inlet & scooping plate, tensioning device consisting of boot pulley with shaft & bearing housed in casing which is guided in frame work by square guide bar and adjusted by a square threaded screw for proper tensioning of belt/chain. It has inspecting window for check up of material entry & flow.
  4. Buckets : These are fixed/attached to conveying element at a distance depending upon capacity. These buckets scoops the material and carries it up by the movement of conveying element and then discharging the material centrifugally through material outlet provided in the top section.
  5. Conveying Element (Chain / Belt ) : This can be chain or belt as per requirement. They are made endless i.e. both the ends are joined & vulcanized in case of belt & pinned in case of chain.

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Forged And Cast Components

Ashoka Sugar Plants Manufacturers Suppliers

Forged Components Manufacturers

• Ultrasonically Tested
• Magnetic Particle Tested
Upto :
Material Length Diameter Weight
MS, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel as per ASTM, BS, IS, AISI, SAE or any as per customer requirement. In case of Shafts: 10 mm to 5,000mm 100mm To 1000mm Upto 5 Tons

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Kiln Shells & Kiln Mills Manufacturers

Ball Mill Manufacturers and suppliers

Kiln and Ball Mill Manufacturers

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial Ball Mills meets with international standards. In this product range, we also offer industrial equipments like shrouded ball mills that are extensively used in various industrial sectors. Industrial ball mills made available by us are heavy sheet fabricated using quality-approved mild steel & stainless steel. These ball mills are used to grind materials into extremely fine powder. Our ball mills are perfect for cement plants

Three types of ball Mills we re manufacturing: -
1. Raw materials mill
2. Cement (Clinker) mill
3. Coal mill

Uses / Applications / Features :

  • Reasonable design and strict manufacture .
  • Strong to grind .
  • Better the ventilating .
  • High fineness .
  • High production capacity and stable to run
  • easy to operate with high performance life

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Cement Plant Manufacturer & Material Handling Suppliers

Cement Plant Manufacturers India

Cement Plant Manufacturers: Ashoka Group

Ashoka Group is a leading cement manufacturing company which specializes in quality turnkey projects of cement plants, fertilizer plans, heavy equipment setup etc. Apart from our specialization in cement manufacturing activity, we also expertise in trade of cement plant material handling equipments like belt conveyors, rotary kilns, ball mills etc.

Since our commencement, we have been supplying cement plan equipments to some main multinational companies that have relied on our products and services for long. Listed below are some of the cement plant material handling equipments that we provide:

Ball Mills

Ashoka manufactures high quality turnkey cement plant. We expertize in designing and supplying ball mills for different cement industries. Our company expertizes in strong and heavy fabrication with large workshop in our plants in India.

Rotary Shaft Kilns

Our Company is leading manufacture of rotary shaft kilns that are designed from varied materials. All rotary shaft kilns designed here are impeccable heat exchangers where heat is conveyed in different ways. We manufacture kilns that feature detailed accuracy and precision. Each of our kiln is extremely durable and product of expert’s attention to each detail.

Vertical Shaft Kiln

At Ashoka, we are leading exporters, suppliers and manufacturers of vertical shaft kiln. These shaft kilns feature continuous process with temperature of 1500 degree Celsius.

Clinker Grinding Units Manufacturers

Ashoka Group manufacturers and supplies high quality cement grinding units with every cement plant. Thee grinding units can also be provided for different other cement plants. We supply clinker cement units up to two thousand TPD plants which are capable of handling various kinds of cement.

All of these products are engineering to cater the stringent domestic and international standards of cement manufacturing companies. We use advanced technologies and machines for manufacturing these cement plant handling equipments. Our team of professional and expert engineers use state of the art CAM/CAD facility and provide tailor made solutions which are based on client’s needs based on different applications. We have a strong satisfied customer return ratio. With the advanced and modern cement plant handling equipments we are empowered to manufacture quality and different kinds of cement plants.

With our set objective to focus on product quality and improvement, we produce cement plant handling equipments which are environmental friendly.

Cement Plants | Steel Re-Rolling Mills Sponge Iron Plants

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Steel Re Rolling Mills
about ashoka gears

Ashoka Steel Plants Manufacturing unit is a part of Ashoka Group, Ashoka is capable to carry out the entire in house expertise to design, manufacturer, deliver and start optimum steel plant. The group has established itself in the area of complete heavy project management by offering a guaranteed single source solution provider right from feasibility study, designing of equipment by using newest versions of ProE and AutoCad, manufacturing through updated and latest quality oriented machines and erection & commissioning of plant.

Ashoka Group undertakes turnkey jobs for supply of complete steel re rolling mills including design, manufacture, supply and erection & commissioning of the complete plant. Together with that we also manufacture and supply a wide range of machineries required in a steel plant.

The Group supported by expert knowledge and technological competence in this matter. Our approach to building manufacturing steel plants is studied and evaluated in all aspects, to make sure that everything is carried out perfectly. We make certain that the plant will be setup with the maximum output versus input ratio for optimum performance. We export products, services, and expertise. We are the only steel plant manufacturer that is genuinely concerned about your success. Consult with us today and discover the ways on how we can benefit each other and build a beautiful partnership for life.

Ashoka Group’s Manufacturing Capabilities
Hot Rolling Mills
Cold Rolling Mills
Bar and Rod Mills
Strip Mills
Rolling Mill Stands
AOD Converters
For Execution of a complete project following services are includeds
  • Feasibility Study and Project Reports
  • Detailed Engineering of project and Equipments
  • Equipment Designs and Production Drawings
  • Complete Integration
  • In House Application Engineering
  • Expansion/ Modernization for increasing the Capacity
  • Turnkey Erection and Commissioning
  • Personnel Training
  • Successful Running
  • Supervision
  • Equipment Servicing
Turnkey Plants Manufacturer
Cement Plants | Steel Re-Rolling Mills | Sponge Iron Plants


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Sponge Iron Plants Manufacturer
about ashoka gears

The process was widely accepted by almost all developing countries where generation of scrap was less in comparison to requirements. Steel produced by recycling process found much cheaper than the steel produced by blast Furnace process. The scrap vanished gradually causing threat to the Arc furnace where BF-BOF process continued its predominance as age-old process in the world. During 70’s, the reduction of iron ore in small way was carried out in USA in the same manner as retile was produced from illuminate and birth of DRI / Sponge Iron was brought into existence.

The coal base DRI rotary kiln process for production of DRI / Sponge Iron has its many parameters to increase the quality as well as productivity which need careful operations through out the process. Number of DRI processes came up and rotary kiln process with solid coal as fuel found to be most acceptable process in the world.

Ashoka’s Sponge Iron Plants Manufacturing Capabilities:
Sponge Iron Plant: 100 TPD to 600 TPD


Sponge Iron plants manufacturer and its details:
  • Process Out Line
  • Plant Operation Parameter
  • Advantages of using Sponge Iron as a Raw Material for Steel making End Uses of DRI
  • Technical Advantacges
  • Advantages of using Sponge Iron
  • Advantages of using sponge iron in steel making
  • Other Advantages


For Execution of a complete project following services are included:
  • Process Out Line
  • Feasibility Study and Project Reports
  • Detailed engineering of Project and Equipments
  • Equipment Designs and Production Drawings
  • Complete Integration
  • In House Application Engineering
  • Expansion/ Modernization for increasing the Capacity
  • Erection and Commissioning
  • Personnel Training
  • Successful Running
  • Supervision
  • Equipment Servicing

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Industrial Gears

Ashoka Sugar Plants Manufacturers Suppliers

Industrial Gears Manufacturers

Ashoka Gears is expertise in manufacturing of industrial gears from 10mm to 1000mm and all type of industrial gears. Ashoka Gears is now become a world known gears brand in all over world, We are one of the leading gears manufacturer, exporter and suppliers of all type of gears and gearboxes. With the help of our dedicated Engineering department and realistic approach and experience of our skilled persons who are working in this field since its being can manufactures gears as per drawing or provide new designs to the customers.

Girth Gears

girth gears manufacturers and suppliers India

Pinion Gears

pinion gears manufacturers and suppliers of India
helical gears manufacturers and suppliers India
double helical gears manufacturers and suppliers in India
Ground Gears
ground gears manufacturers and suppliers
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Precision gears manufacturers and suppliers Delhi
Worm Gears
worm gears manufacturers and suppliers India
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Sprockets Gears
Sprockets Gears Manufacturers India
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Rack Gears
Rack Gears Manufacturers India
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rring gears manufacturers India
Bevel Gears
Bevel Gears Manufacturers
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Transmission Gears
transmission products India
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Internal Gears
Internal gears India, Internal gears suppliers
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External Gears
external gears manufacturers India
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Spur Gears
spur gears manufacturers India
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Face Gears
face gears, face gears manufacturers and suppliers India
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Spiral Bevel Gears
Spiral bevel gears manufacturers and suppliers India
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Straight Bevel Gears
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Why Choose Ashoka Gears

Ashoka Gears has appropriate understanding about the gear products and technologies, the organization has an important existence as a gears manufacturers unit with almost all varieties of different gear segment types and machinery applications that includes supplies of Original tools and Replacement necessities, with regular exports to major developing countries. Ashoka gears manufacturers presents gear blanking, engineering consultation and urbane inventory management services also. It is an ability which one can recognize the proportion, dimension and fabrication can form ideal gears manufacturing unit.

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