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Constant movement of large materials is highly essential in today’s industrial processes. The fastest and simplest mode of transportation is preferred to carry out the process efficiently. The Reciprocating feeders are employed for the process of even and constant material draw from large sized feed bins and deliver them to the crushers. The Reciprocating Feeder is usually installed in front of the primary crusher. The material may deliver a stone or big rock to receiving Jaw crusher continuously. The high frequency of reciprocating machine is capable enough to convey this bulk materials right from the storage to the processing area in a well controlled flow rate continuously.

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This reciprocating feeder carries a perfect system of connecting rods that can be adjusted along with the drive unit. This enables to feed the material properly to the receiving Jaw crusher.Weigh feeder is employed to weigh the material precisely while moving in process industries. This is a closed control system where precise control led to flow of materials. Weigh feeder belongs to the category of customized engineering equipments that plays a major role in constant bulk portioning of solids. This is a gravimeter feeder operated by closed form of loop control system that enables controlled rate feeding. It also exerts perfect control over flow rate depending on micro controller.

The weigh feeder system is capable enough to accept external signals produced either by other controllers or from process computer depending on extent of the plant instrumentation. This type of gravimetric feeders is deployed in various industries like cement industry, fertilizer industry, chemical industry and steel industry.

Each of this system is composed of local and control panels, load cells that measure instantaneous load, a digital tacho to measure the belt speed along with a belt feeder. The conveyor shaft will be functioning with an AC motor that is coupled through gear box. There are various forms of weigh feeders available to carry out specific functions.

The list includes Throughput Batcher, Hopper Scale, Loss-in-Weight Feeder, Screw Weigh Feeder and Belt Weigh Feeder. These Weigh Feeders are available in various capacities ranging from 100 kg/h to 2000 t/h.

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