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Ashoka Gears is popular world known Gears Manufacturer, We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of an entire range of Industrial Gears & Gearboxes. We offer turnkey plant solution where our wide range includes all type of Industrial Gears, Gearboxes. Since 1952 Ashoka Gears improvise technologies and quality in Gears Production. Our range is considered to be high quality OEM Gears, durable and has excellent designs. We provide on demand gears to mostly all industries including Mills, agriculture, mining, shipping, power sector.

Ashoka Gears Manufacturer provide all type of Industrial Gears in India and all over world, We have a competitive gain in providing services in the most proficient and effectual manner to all the industries. Our Gears have now become crucial device for an extensive range of various different industries. An appropriate understanding about the gear products is a must to stay ahead. The organization has an important existence as a gears manufacturer unit with almost all varieties of different gear segment types and machineries applications that includes supplies of Original tools and Replacement necessities, with regular exports to major developing countries including U.S.A. Ashoka Gears Manufacturers present  gears blanking, engineering consultation and urbane inventory management services also. It is an ability which one can recognize the proportion, dimension and fabrication can form ideal gears manufacturing unit.

Criteria for Gear Materials

High tensile strength. If you use a material with a low or insufficient tensile strength, you could experience a failure when dealing with static loads. Static loads exert a consistent amount of force over time.

High endurance. If you use a material will low or insufficient endurance, you could experience a failure when dealing with dynamic loads. Dynamic loads change pressure or force over time.

Low friction coefficient. Because gears are moving parts in a complex system, they need to be made of materials that aren’t particularly susceptible to the effects of friction.

Manufacturability. Finally, the material needs to be malleable and capable of being manipulated. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to cut the gear!


Industries We Served.

  • Defence
    • Marine
    • Aluminum
    • Chemical
    • Food Processing
    • Grinding Mills
    • Hot and Cold Rolling
    • Lock and Dam Machinery
    • Moveable Bridges
    • Paper
    • Petroleum

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