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Process Equipments – Kiln & Kiln Shells

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Kiln & Kiln Shells

Cement kiln undisputedly forms the center stage of cement manufacturing process. The cement kiln is involved in the process of burning the raw mixture thereby resulting in the clinker. This clinker is then subjected to grinding to produce cement. In modern cement manufacturing plants, kiln make the most complex and expensive portion of plant as it should be operated round the clock. Hence the duratiion till which kiln is active determines the output of whole plant. Pyroprocessing is the completely unique stage of the cement industry which is dedicated to the much specialized and complex multi-disciplinary technology.

The kiln shells are composed of mild plate of steel. Presence of the mild steel is the one and only viable material which pose an issue as maximum temperature inside this kiln will be above 1400 degree celcius where the temperature of the gas will go around 1900 degree celcius. Mild steel melts above 1300 degree celcius and hence it starts weaken at the temperature of 480 degree celcius. Hence one should take sufficient care to protect this shell from the process of overheating.

The sections of the shell is manufactured from the flat shaped rolled plate which varies in its thickness between 18 and 25 mm. this plate is then cold-rolled into semi-circular shaped pieces of required curvature. Cylinder is then made by joining with its length equal to that of its diameter. The resulting pieces where then butt –joined with the help of steel plate strap which is of equal thickness linked to rivets. Similarly, those cylindrical sections are linked end-to-end. Usually short sections are assembled in factory itself and later on, the final assembly will be done on the site in the presence of kiln.

During earlier days, the rotary kilns were in the shape of cylinders. Very quickly, it was replaced with kiln having varying diameters at different parts. At various periods, the parts of kiln was known for its provision of extended zones. There were strong support to have straight kilns but it was outweighed with its disadvantages. The tapered portion of the kiln was found to be mechanically very weak and also hard to go with the stable brickwork.


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We at Ashoka Group is a leading kiln shells Manufacturers In world wide, rotary kiln shell is basically a rotating inclined cylindrical shaped furnace in which solids are heated to a point when a chemical reaction takes place by either a dry and wet process. These kiln shells or kilns are widely used in the production of cement plants, metals industry, chemical industry, construction material industry, sponge iron, plants, refractories, petroleum coke, alumina, gypsum and other heavy industries. We design and manufacture all type of kiln shells for all the industries.

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