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The Screw conveyor, otherwise known as auger conveyor is one among the most convenient and cost effective procedure to transport bulk materials from one place to another. There is N number of applications in deploying this conveyor in each and every industry. Screw conveyor comes with more advantages compared with other bulk material transport instruments. Few among them are:

Advantage Of Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors possess the capability to handle various types of bulk materials that range from free-flowing to sluggish. This conveyor is designed with multiple discharge points and inlets. It can convey and distribute bulk materials to any desired location. The flow can be controlled by adding slide valves or gates to screw conveyor. Screw conveyor can also be used as metering device in the name of screw feeder. The screw feeder can be employed to start up the processing of material by metering the product right from hopper or bin. The conveyors are extremely compact and easily adaptable even in congested places. They do not possess return that is present in drag or belt conveyors.

The screw conveyors are completely enclosed to prevent the product from any sort of spillage. It can be used in either of the vertical, inclined or vertical position based on the conveyed product characteristics. This instrument can also be used to mix multiple products and also to break them into smaller proportions from larger lumps. Screw conveyors can also be developed without center pipe in the name of shaftless screw conveyor. It is deployed to convey sluggish, sticky and wet products like biosolids and industrial sludges. The product can also be heated, cooled or dried during their conveyance. The instrument can also be designed to hold internal pressure or hold vapor tight. This property can be made used when transporting hazardous or toxic materials in chemical industry. The conveyor also establishes air lock between downstream and upstream equipment.

Belt conveyors are employed to convey any type of materials. They are available in varying sizes and also with an option of inclination. They are typically linked in a series resulting in long conveying belt system.

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