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Sugar Plant Manufacturers

Ashoka Sugar Plants Manufacturers Suppliers

Sugar Plant Manufacturers

Before understanding the sugar plants, lets understand the Sugar first, Its produced from sweet sugarcane / sugar beet. The Extraction process from each of the raw materials differs substantially with different procedures, a most common process of transform to suit the quality of ingredients defecation is adopted. Sugar manufacturing required crystallization and centrifuging process which is practically the same for all raw materials.

As a Leading Sugar Plant Manufacturer we have dedicated team and department for Sugar plant. Our experienced chemical analysis team and high end machines cater all the process of sugar manufacturing and provide the best quality sugar for countries including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and South African and other south Asian Countries. We at Ashoka provides all small to large quantity mills and equipment required for many factories and undertake turnkey projects from small, Medium and large scale sugar mills.

We Offer

Capacities of Plant we are supplying below:

  • Open pan boiling plants – 100TCD to 500TCD plant
  • Vacuum and pressure boiling plants – 300TCD to 1500TCD
  • Sugar refinery plant – 10TPD to 500TPD
  • Turbine house – 300TCD to 1500TCD Sugar Plants
Sugar Plant Expansion and Updation
We are also undertake the expansion of existing running sugar plants in terms of capacity and modernization.
Modernization and upgradation includes:
Sugar Plant Manufacturers

  • Update / Maintain machinery and spare parts to world wide
  • Cane Unloading cranes
  • Cane Cutters
  • Bagasse Handling and Transfer
  • Juice and Molasses Storage Tanks
  • Sugarcane Milling Tandems
  • Sugar Centrifugal
  • Vacuum pans, Evaporators, Juice Heaters
  • Filter Presses
  • Carbonation and Sulphitation Equipment
  • Crystallizers, Sugar Dryers, Sugar Graders
  • Special purpose industrial boilers
  • Steam generating turbines
  • Water treatment plants

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Ashoka Sugar Plant Mill House
Sugar Plant Mill House Equipments

Ashoka Sugar Plant Mill House

Mill House Equipment

The recent development in sugar manufacturing technology results in superior quality sugar mill equipments that are employed in processing sugarcane. There are comprehensive collection of heavy duty equipments that are used in Mill House section includes Mill containing DC drives, Rake elevators / Rake carriers, Swing model Cane Fabrizor, Cane chopper and many more. All these sugar machineries can be developed in such a way that they are capable of carrying out both conventional method mill gearing process with the help of steam turbine or with the help of electric speed motor which acts as prime mover. One can also make use of electro mechanical drives or remote electro hydraulic or shaft mounted drives.

Mill House Process

In order to get rid of various drawbacks set by Cutter and Kicker, Cane Chopper was designed with various advantages like: unique design chokeless hood, large quantity of cane cutting and throw back process, functions as feed metering device too. Swing Type Cane Fibrizor was designed to attain 85 P.I and also towards the purpose of faultless installation on previously existing carrier containing pocketed Ancil of 1650 wrap angle. These kind of modern Fibrizor shows increased efficiency across various sugar manufacturing plants in India.

Rake elevators / Rake Carriers are deployed to shift crushed cane between 1st and last Mill thereby aid to feed at Mills instantaneously. DC drive Mill leads to less electricity consumption and minimum apex angle together with less pressure chutes. TRPF /GRPF deliver less contact angles, better feeding of Mill, economical power consumption, enhanced cutting rate and thereby increased juice extraction. One can also shift to 5-roller from 3-roller with less shifting, decreased foundation modifications and drive gearing.

Rotary Juice Screen requires less space, chances of automated cleaning, minimal maintenance, no need for online adjustments, less supervision, no chance for screen choking, less electricity requirements, possess ability to work even at decreased crush rate without altering its efficiency, keeping aside static screens and many more. Mill House Cranes can be designed according to the requirements of individual customers.

Thus all equipments that are needed in Mill housing section of Sugar manufacturing plant can be designed and developed as per the requirement of individual manufacturers.

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